Monday, February 21, 2011

How To Musterbate In Alone

Silhouette of a prince charming child, or indeed Topastro!

We're home with the flu, sigh! Topastro has a fever since Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning I have been very badly. Luckily now I feel better but the Topastro have a fever, cold and a little 'cough. Saturday and Sunday we did absolutely nothing. We also have almost been fasting, because tea and biscuits and little else you can not define real meal ... Fortunately, a few days earlier I had downloaded in MP3 and other tales Topastro He considered endlessly with his cell phone around the neck.
Last week, however, we did various odd jobs and Moster them there one at a time. One afternoon, inspired by post Maestra Laura who drew the silhouettes of the children and then those of the teachers, we have also done us a picture in 1:1 ratio. I had a large sheet of paper so I have one with the tape 10 A4 sheets.
Instead lay the sheet on the ground we have fixed the door and Topastro has served as a model for the shape.
I'm not that good at drawing and design is not Topastro beautiful but is content with little luck! I drew with a pencil first and then wipe with a permanent marker. Topastro at this time loves watercolors, those disks that you use solid color with a wet brush and wanted to paint his picture with them. I really enjoyed painting because he was watched very focused and talking to himself.
He said he was doing a job and appointed the colors he used.
lifted his shirt to check the color of the belly and say it's pink, I used pink. I asked what it was Topastro that sort of mask over his eyes red and he told me that sunglasses are as my :-)


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